Giddings To Slash Police Numbers

Giddings To Slash Police Numbers

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer

100 Police To Go Under Labor-Green Cuts

Victor P Taffa

The Tasmanian Liberals are extremely concerned that the Premier Lara Giddings does not seem to be aware of the real implications of a 3% cut to the Police Budget, Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Management Elise Archer said today.

“Ms. Giddings insists that a 3% cut must be made and that she will not necessarily cut frontline jobs but in the Police Department this is impossible. It’s impossible to make budget cuts without cutting jobs.”

“The Police Association says 85 % of the Police Budget is wages and salaries. The 3% cut cannot be found in the remaining 15 % so Premier Giddings will no doubt have to fix her budget black hole by cutting Police Numbers.” Ms. Archer said.

“That means Premier Giddings is planning to axe 100 Police Jobs.”

“Our Police have a very difficult job and often work under extreme pressure. Cutting back on staffing levels will only make the situation worse.” Ms. Archer said.

“The axing of David Bartlett’s election promise to get Police out of the courts in the North and North-West has also been revealed to be a farce. This should have happened at least six months ago, but the Police Minister Lin Thorp instead dragged her heels, finding road blocks to stop this from happening.”

“Despite keeping eight Police in courts across the North, Premier Giddings must rule out further cuts to the number of Police on our streets.” Ms. Archer said.