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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Sustainable Transport Matthew Groom

In Two Days Lennon Did What McKim Couldn’t Do In Two Months

Victor P Taffa

If anyone needed further proof that Nick McKim is simply not cut out to be a Minister, they got it today, Shadow Minister for Sustainable Transport Matthew Groom said.

“By resolving the Metro farce, Former Premier Paul Lennon did in two days what Nick McKim couldn’t do in two months.”

“If Mr. McKim had been more willing to assume some responsibility for once, a lot of disruption and pain could have been avoided, not to mention the $5,000 in taxpayers’ money he paid Mr. Lennon to clean up his mess.” Mr. Groom said.

Tasmanians deserve better than the half-baked Government that purports to represent them. Both the Labor and Greens Parties should be ashamed of themselves over the manner in which they handled the Bus Dispute.

The shambolic farce of the Bus Dispute was a disgrace and it simply speaks volumes for Premier Lara Giddings that she lacked the clout and ability to move in and solve the Bus Dispute herself.


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