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Tasmania Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Premier Desperate And Getting Her Numbers Wrong

Victor P Taffa

The Premier has now lost any credibility she has in respect of budget and financial matters, according to Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein.

“In a desperate and misguided attack on the Liberals’ Budget Plan she has been caught out providing numbers that are blatantly designed to mislead people.”

“In her media release today Ms. Giddings is claiming that “the carbon components of dividends from Hydro are expected to be $70 Million in 2014-15 and 2015-16, falling to around $35 Million when the scheme moves to a market based price from 2016-17”.”

“However, the Budget Papers indicate that the dividend from Hydro in 2016-17 will be only $27.3 Million, yet the Premier is claiming this dividend will have a $35 Million carbon component in it.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“How can the “carbon component” of the dividend be more than the total forecast dividend itself? The Premier simply can’t be believed.”

“It’s obvious that Ms. Giddings has been caught out desperately trying to con people. We understand that the carbon tax will be removed.”

“Unlike the Premier, we are not betting our financial future on Julia Gillard somehow winning the next election. We stand by the return to surplus that we have forecast. It’s the Premier who has some explaining to do.” Mr. Gutwein said.


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