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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson

Government Pulls Anti-Discrimination Bill To Avoid Liberal Input

Victor P Taffa

For the government to hurriedly withdraw the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill part way through debate and shut down the Legislative Council is an admission that Labor and the Greens have got it horribly wrong, Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson said.

“A Liberal amendment, which appeared to have attracted strong support in the Legislative Council, would have given Tasmanian faith-based schools a general exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Act, allowing them to operate within their own faith-based community if they so wish in line with every other Australian jurisdiction including Federal Labor’s draft bill.”

“By withdrawing the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill to avoid Liberal input, Labor and the Greens are denying faith based schools the same rights as their interstate counterparts.” Mr. Ferguson said.


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