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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Sustainable Transport Matthew Groom

Govt Should Ask Fair Work Commission To Stop Bus Strikes

Victor P Taffa

If the Government were serious about avoiding the enormously disruptive and damaging bus strikes taking place today and now threatened for next week, they would refer the matter to the Fair Work Commission immediately, according to Shadow Minister for Sustainable Transport Matthew Groom.

“The Fair Work Commission has the power to stop the strike*, but only if the Premier or Minister McKim acts.” Mr. Groom said.

“This is getting beyond a joke. Premier Giddings doesn’t want to go near the issue, the Acting Minister, David O’Byrne is too afraid of upsetting his union mates, and the actual Minister, Nick McKim, is apparently still on holiday.”

“Meanwhile, Tasmanians, including school children, are struggling to cope with the chaos.”

“For the Premier and the Minister to go into hiding and suggest it has nothing to do with them is typical of this Government’s inability to make decisions.” Mr. Groom said.

* The Fair Work Commission may suspend or terminate industrial action where it threatens the welfare of parts of the population.


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