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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding

Labor, Greens Rec Fishing Attack Revealed: More Lock Ups, New Fishing Taxes

Victor P Taffa

In Parliament this morning, the Labor-Green Government nailed their true colours to the mast when it comes to recreational fishing, Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding said.

“The Environment Minister, Brian Wightman, admitted that he is considering locking up more of our oceans by creating more marine protected areas right around the State.”

“This will have a terrible impact on recreational and professional fishing and that’s why the Liberals’ policy is to have a moratorium on creating any more marine protected areas.” Mr. Hidding said.

“This followed the Minister for Fisheries, Bryan Green, refusing to rule out imposing a new licence on recreational saltwater fishing. In fact, Minister Green was forced to admit that he spent $18,000 investigating how to charge people to fish.”


“Bryan Green’s new fishing tax will hit 125,000 recreational fishers, who currently enjoy fishing for free. Let’s not forget that these 125,000 recreational fishers are already drowning under the weight of this Government’s cost of living increases.”

“The Liberals can categorically rule out any new licence or tax on recreational fishing. The answers to two questions this morning provides rock solid evidence to recreational fishers, that the Liberals are the only ones fighting for them.” Mr. Hidding said.


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