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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Green-Labor Experiment A Never Ending April Fool’s Joke

Victor P Taffa

The Government of Premier Lara Giddings is on the verge of collapse as Minister David O’Byrne has been reportedly counting numbers for a leadership challenge to Premier Lara Giddings.

Rumours circulating around Parliament House have also suggested that if Premier Giddings is replaced that the Greens will resign from the Government and sit on the cross-benches instead of propping up a Government led by David O’Byrne.  


The Green-Labor government is like a never ending April fool’s joke.

Just this week we have seen:

  • David O’Byrne undermine the Premier by splitting with her and Nick McKim on Metro – followed by Michelle O’Byrne, Graeme Sturges, Federal Labor Minister Julie Collins and Young Labor,
  • We’ve had thousands of bus travellers stranded because Nick McKim says he can’t intervene, but his arch nemesis former Premier Lennon can,
  • David O’Byrne is doing his own polling while trying to claim he’s not really undermining the Premier,
  • The Premier failed to attend an important COAG meeting on GST making a mockery of her claims it’s a ‘serious issue’ for her.

“This government has become a joke, the problem is it’s not funny. Tasmanians deserve better than an unstable minority Green-Labor disaster that is constantly split and incapable of governing. Only a majority Liberal government can provide the stability Tasmania needs.” Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said.

The latest opinion polls have the Liberal Party well ahead of both the Labor and Greens Parties. The next election is due to be held in March 2014.

According to EMRS polling the latest approval ratings as at February 2013 are as follows:

  • Labor 23%                  Down 4% since November 2012
  • Liberal 55%                 Steady since November 2012
  • Greens 18%                 Up 3% since November 2012
  • Independent 4%         Up 1% since November 2012
  • Others 0%                   Steady since November 2012

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