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Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Labor In Meltdown Over Metro Cabinet Split

Victor P Taffa

Young Labor’s calls for the Premier to sack Nick McKim are yet another sign that the Labor Party is deeply divided and dysfunctional, according to Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff.

“This is not a case of Labor versus the Greens, this is a clear case of Labor versus Labor. There’s no doubt that Minister David O’Byrne and his factional allies are using Young Labor as a stalking horse to destabilise the Premier.”

“Ms. Giddings and Mr. McKim are as one in supporting Metro’s actions, while the O’Byrne/Young Labor faction is opposed.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Make no mistake: Young Labor’s explosive media release this morning would not have gone out without the authorisation and approval of senior Labor figures.”

“Young Labor’s media release this morning was no accident. It was a deliberate play aimed at the Premier.” Mr. Rockliff said.


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