Getting Albert Park Ready For The Swans Return Home

Getting Albert Park Ready For The Swans Return Home

Acting Victoria Minister for Sport Martin Foley

A Spring Renovation For Albert Park To Give All Sports A Level Playing Field

Victor P Taffa

The Andrews Government is taking action to ensure sports grounds at Albert Park are better able to withstand wear and tear.


“Albert Park is one of Victoria’s great locations for fun, fitness and grassroots sport. We’re taking action to ensure it remains that way for good.” Acting Minister for Sport Martin Foley said.

“Thousands of players use the park each week. That’s why we’re making the grounds more durable to heavy traffic and wear and tear.”

Acting Minister for Sport and Member for Albert Park Martin Foley announced a Spring Renovation Program to ensure the Park remains one of Victoria’s best venues for local sport.

“It’s all about making sure grassroots grounds are resilient, all year round. The investment will involve trialling a new, cutting edge hybrid turf that’s proving popular at venues all over the world.” Mr. Foley said.

“Families flock to Albert Park every day to enjoy its beautiful natural surrounds. It’s a great place to have fun and enjoy an active lifestyle.” Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said.

Natural grass will be reinforced with artificial fibres, creating a durable playing surface that can better cope with heavy foot traffic and vehicle movements.

“It means more players will be able to get on the field more quickly and play the games they love without grounds buckling under stress.” Mr. Foley said.

“Park users at Albert Park can sometimes face disruptions. We already work with park users to minimise inconveniences, and now we’re going further.”

The State Government is providing $3.25 Million for various upgrades at Albert Park, including:

  • Upgrading the lake wall walk,
  • Installing a new lift, walkways and dedicated parking for people living with a disability,
  • Upgrading the Albert Park Lake fitness trail,
  • Installing new lake path lighting,
  • Improving playgrounds and upgrading park furniture.

“Victoria is the sporting state, and we want to stay that way. The Labor Government’s $100 million Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is helping clubs all over Victoria update tired grounds and build the facilities they need.” Mr. Foley said.

Acting VIC Minister for Sport and Recreation Martin Foley

Acting VIC Minister for Sport Martin Foley








Sydney Swans/South Melbourne Swans AFL/VFL Club Home Ground

VFL (Victorian Football League) preceded the AFL (Australian Football League)

From 1897 the South Melbourne Swans VFL/AFL team made the Lake Oval, Albert Park as its Home Ground.

At the end of the 1981 Season South Melbourne went north to Sydney and became the Sydney Swans.

South Melbourne/Sydney Swans faced the 2005 Season with a 72 Year Premiership Drought that was finally broken in the Grand Final with a 4 Point Win over West Coast Eagles.


Season 2005 Grand Final Scores:    GBT

Sydney Swans                                             8.10.58

West Coast                                                  7.12.54


Sydney Swans (Originally South Melbourne and relocated to Sydney in 1982)

Year Entered Competition: 1897

Year Left Competition:

Home Ground: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)/ Lake Oval

1st Grade Premierships: (5) 1909, 1918, 1933, 2005, 2012,

Runners-Up: (12) 1899, 1907, 1912, 1914, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1945, 1996, 2006, 2014, 2016,


1980 VFL Season

Richmond Tigers faced South Melbourne in the final match of the 1980 Season Home and Away Season at their home ground, the Lake Oval.

Over the years Richmond always had the upper hand over South Melbourne and then later on as the Sydney Swans. However in spite of this they were at all times hard fought contests.

Going into the match Richmond were leading the competition and getting ready for the upcoming finals matches.

In what was an upset South Melbourne defeated Richmond that denied the Tigers the Minor Premiership and the luxury of a week’s rest in the first match of the finals. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Richmond ultimately thrashed Collingwood Magpies in the Grand Final.

Collingwood went into the Grand Final as the first team from 5th Place to make the Grand Final.

Finals were contested from the Top 5 Teams and South Melbourne’s 54 Point victory gave the Tigers the wakeup call that it needed to ultimately take the Top Prize in the Premiership just 4 weeks later.

Final Scores:              GBT

South Melbourne        16. 11. 107

Richmond                   7.11.53


Final Round Premiership Ladder 1980 VFL Season

Team                          Win     Draw  Loss    Points

Geelong                      17                    5          68

Carlton                       17                    5          68

Richmond                  16        1          5          66

North Melbourne      14        1          7          58

Collingwood               14        1          7          58

South Melbourne        13                    9          52

Essendon                     10                    12        40

Hawthorn                    10                    12        40

Melbourne                   5                      17        20

Footscray                    5                      17        20

St. Kilda                      4          2          16        20

Fitzroy                         4          1          17        18


Season 1980 Grand Final Scores:    GBT

Richmond                                                23.21.159

Collingwood                                            9.24.78

(G) Goals worth 6 Points

(B) Behinds worth 1 Point

(T) Total Score