Geotechnical Drilling On The Yarra River To Begin For Metro Project

Geotechnical Drilling On The Yarra River To Begin For Metro Project

Acting Victoria Premier James Merlino

Acting Victoria Minister for Public Transport Luke Donnellan

Floating Drill Digs Under The Yarra For Melbourne Metro

Victor P Taffa

Geotechnical drilling on the Yarra River has begun as part of the largest public transport project in Victoria’s history the Andrews Government’s Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

Acting Premier James Merlino joined Acting Minister for Public Transport Luke Donnellan today to announce the beginning of works on a floating barge, from which the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority will gather information from deep under the Yarra.

From this floating work-site, 12 boreholes will be dug up to 35 metres below the riverbed, providing critical information about ground conditions. This information will help determine the exact technical specifications of the twin tunnels and how they will be built.

“This floating work-site will give us critical information about ground conditions under the Yarra, which help us build these two new rail tunnels beneath the mighty Yarra.” Acting Premier James Merlino said.

VIC Acting Premier James Merlino

VIC Acting Premier James Merlino








“Melbourne Metro Rail will create a true underground metro, and unlock the centre of our train system to create space for more trains running more often, every single day.”

The two tunnels under the Yarra will be excavated using tunnel boring machines and sit around seven metres below the riverbed.

Tunnel boring machines are currently being used to build New York’s Second Avenue Subway project and London’s CrossRail project, and will reduce both the environmental impact on the river and inconvenience for locals, visitors and businesses.

“The new tunnels under the Yarra River will carry high-frequency, high-capacity trains into the heart of the city and enable 20,000 extra passengers to catch the train in peak hour.” Acting Minister for Public Transport Luke Donnellan said.

Geotechnical investigations will continue for the next six weeks at various points on the river, ahead of enabling works in 2017 and the start of major construction in 2018.

Melbourne Metro Rail Project will unlock the centre of the train system, create space for 20,000 extra passengers in peak hour, and pave the way for future expansion of Victoria’s rail network.

The Victoria Government has already committed $4.5 Billion to Melbourne Metro Rail. Discussions will continue with the Federal Government about them providing Victorians a fair share towards this project.

VIC Acting Minister for Public Transport Luke Donnellan

VIC Acting Minister for Public Transport Luke Donnellan









Railway Technology

There are a vast number of differences between Heavy Rail Technology and Metro Rail Technology.

The whole of Australia has Heavy Rail Technology. Melbourne and Victoria intend to remain with Heavy Rail Technology that connects with existing systems. This is not to confuse the situation where Melbourne simply badges trains and trams with the Metro name.

The Baird New South Wales Government wishes to introduce a Rapid Transit Metro Rail Technology that is not used in Australia at present. This notion will strangle the operational effectiveness of the North Shore, City Circle, Western and Northern Lines.

This is on top of the destruction of the Newcastle Railway Line that will be needed when High Speed Rail is operating at speeds of 450 km/h to every Capital City including Hobart via a roll-on roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait.