Geelong Land Rezoning Outlined

Geelong Land Rezoning Outlined

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Coalition Outlines Vision For Greater Geelong

 Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy today outlined the Victorian Coalition Government’s vision for the future of the greater Geelong region.

Mr. Guy said there was community recognition that important growth was taking place in the Geelong region and the Government wanted to reflect those growth expectations for Lara and Armstrong Creek.

“The Government wants to provide for sustained residential growth in the Lara and Armstrong Creek communities, ensuring issues around land supply, affordability and infrastructure are taken into account.” Mr. Guy said.

This week the Minister approved the Lara Structure Plan (Amendment C 198) which includes rezonings in order to support future residential growth.

“I will be rezoning areas in and around Lara in coming weeks to give certainty to the greater Geelong community about growth in the area.” Mr. Guy said.

“The City of Greater Geelong has identified areas of Lara for future residential growth which will capitalise upon existing infrastructure. I commend the Council for its work on this Structure Plan.”

The Structure Plan identifies more than 400 hectares of land in and around Lara that will establish a growth area to the north of Geelong city.

The Caddys Road site (Amendment C73) will be considered separately to the Lara Structure Plan.

Mr. Guy will also bring forward land release in Armstrong Creek by rezoning residential land in the Armstrong Creek West, Horseshoe Bend and Marshall precincts before the end of the year.

“There is no point identifying 20,000 lots on a map if they are not available for development. The Government wants to provide clear direction around Victoria’s growth areas, and Geelong will play a key role in accommodating population growth in the future.” Mr. Guy said.

“Releasing this land will ensure that jobs are created and retained within the region.”