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Western Australia Minister for Energy Peter Collier

Construction Starts On High Efficiency Gas Turbines

Victor P Taffa

The ground was broken during a ceremony today to mark the start of construction of two unique High Efficiency Gas Turbines at the Kwinana Power Station.

Energy Minister Peter Collier said the Liberal-National Government had invested $263 Million in the development, which would add 200MW of Gas-Fired Generation to the State’s Power System.

Mr. Collier said this would enhance the reliability of electricity supply within the South West Interconnected System, while improving the efficiency of Gas-Fired Generation Plant.

“These turbines will be the first of their kind to be installed in Australia, combining excellent efficiency and flexible operating capabilities.”




“Their installation will also continue the process of transforming Verve Energy’s ageing fleet.” the Minister said.

“The additional generating capacity will help maintain a secure supply of electricity to meet projected demand for power in Western Australia.”

The state-of-the-art turbines are expected to be operational for the 2011-12 Summer.

They replace two Thermal Generating Units, which were shut down and their boilers and stack demolished to make way for the new equipment.

They are at least one-third more efficient than the generators they replace and more efficient than the existing open-cycle gas turbines in Verve Energy’s fleet.

The turbines will also allow Verve Energy to better use the existing base load plant and improve its plant reliability.

The Minister said the State Government was taking a strategic approach towards providing a secure, reliable, competitive and cleaner energy future.

“Through the development of the Strategic Energy Initiative, we will provide a co-ordinated direction for WA’s Energy Sector, while helping the State meets its support of the national target of 20 % renewable energy by 2020.” Mr. Collier said


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