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Victoria Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien

New Signage Requirements For Gaming Venues

Victor P Taffa

Signs indicating the presence of electronic gaming machines must be updated at all Victorian gaming venues over the coming year, Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien said today.

Changes to the Gambling Regulation (Signage) Regulations 2005 mean that gaming venue operators must remove signage referring to ‘Tatts Pokies’ and ‘Tabaret’ by 6 March 2013.

Tattersall’s and Tabcorp’s gaming operator’s licences conclude on 15 August 2012, and after this date individual clubs and hotels will operate gaming machines in Victoria.


Instead of promoting gaming operator branding, gaming venues will only be permitted to use the generic term ‘pokies’ on external signage to indicate the presence of gaming machines.

Existing restrictions on the maximum size and number of signs permitted at each venue will continue to apply.

Mr. O’Brien said the updated signage requirements were informed by consultation on what was appropriate signage for a gaming venue.

“I asked the Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council to consider what signage would be appropriate in the future.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The Council recommended that a generic term, such as ‘pokies’, would be most appropriate, and I have accepted the Council’s recommendation.”

Venue operators have a twelve-month transition period which commenced on 6 March 2012, during which time they can display either the signs currently allowed, or the new ‘pokies’ sign.

At the end of this transition period, venue operators will only be able to display the new ‘pokies’ signs.

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation will be responsible for the enforcement of these regulations.


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