Future Maryborough Train Services Allows For Return Of Passenger Rail To Dunolly

Future Maryborough Train Services Allows For Return Of Passenger Rail To Dunolly

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Delivering Future Benefits For Maryborough Passengers

Victor P Taffa

Andrews Government has allocated $130 Million to a new rail infrastructure project that will pave the way for more future train services to Maryborough and allow for the return of passenger rail to Dunolly.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan was in Maryborough today to discuss the benefits of the Freight-Passenger Rail Separation Project, which will also enable passenger services to move through the Ballarat Station precinct more easily.

“We’re getting on with upgrading Victoria’s regional rail infrastructure, bringing it up to a standard to support future increases to passenger services.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

“We’ve listened to the Maryborough passengers and the community, and we’re working hard to ensure they get the transport services they deserve.”

Freight-Passenger Rail Separation Project, announced by the State Government last week, will include converting the existing broad-gauge track between Ballarat and Maryborough to dual gauge.

Project will retain the dual-gauge connection between Maryborough and Dunolly to allow future passenger rail to Dunolly.

It will also untangle the congested rail network through the Ballarat Station precinct, creating separate paths for passenger and freight lines, including Maryborough services.

Project includes signalling upgrade and redesigning the tracks through the station to remove congestion points, allowing trains to move through the area more easily.

Armstrong Street Bridge in Ballarat will be replaced, and around 1 km of track duplicated to allow 2 tracks to pass under the new bridge, getting rid of the existing bottleneck, allowing more space for trains to pass each other.

Project is just one of a suite of major projects, part of an unprecedented investment in regional rail infrastructure getting underway across the state.

Work has already begun on the $1.75 Billion Regional Rail Revival program to upgrade every regional passenger line in Victoria, enabling more services and better reliability for train passengers throughout the state.