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Victoria Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge

Community Supported In Walk For Autism

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge yesterday joined her Federal colleague Greg Hunt and autism advocates in a community walk and subsequent meeting in Hastings to raise awareness of the issue.

Greg Hunt’s 500-km Walk for Autism aims to raise funds and awareness about autism spectrum disorders which began on 25 July and concludes on 12 August.

All money raised will go towards both Autism Victoria’s 1,000 Books Campaign and the Abacus Learning Centre, based in Hastings.

“Raising funds is certainly important, but so is raising awareness. That’s why Greg’s walk is such a great initiative.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“Raising awareness in the wider community about autism allows the community to know more about the diversity and abilities of people with autism spectrum disorder to ensure a more inclusive society, where everyone can participate and achieve their goals.”

“There are still many people in the community with only a limited understanding of autism spectrum disorders and I’d like to thank everybody involved in the walk and the community meeting for their efforts to broaden the public’s understanding and awareness.”

“The Victorian Government is pleased to make a $5,000 contribution to Autism Victoria for its 1,000 Books Campaign, which will establish a library for children with an autism spectrum disorder.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

The Victorian Government has recently demonstrated its commitment to the educational needs of children with disabilities, through an additional $156 Million in the recent budget.

Ms. Wooldridge also outlined the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to the six priority areas identified in the Autism State Plan, which includes making it easier to get support and enhancing and providing appropriate educational opportunities.


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