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Western Australia Minister for Citizenship & Multicultural Interests John Castrilli

State Recognition For The Australia Day Council Of WA

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has announced a $60,000 Increase in Funding for the Australia Day Council of Western Australia.

The Australia Day Council is a Non-Profit Incorporated Body that has successfully served the People of Western Australia since 1977.

Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister John Castrilli said each year the Council presented a range of quality community and citizenship programs to promote and support National Pride.
“It is critical to support organisations dedicated to recognising and celebrating leadership, community service and the contribution of people from all walks of life.”




“Citizenship is about an energetic involvement and our State is strengthened when people support and empower each other to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the community.” Mr. Castrilli said.

Australia Day Council programs include State and nationally recognised events including:

  • The Australian of the Year Award;
  • WA Australian of the Year Award;
  • WA Senior Australian of the Year;
  • WA Young Australian of the Year;
  • WA Local Hero.

The Minister said the Council played a vital role in the community and the additional funding would allow for a greater capacity to deliver an even higher standard of celebrations and events in WA.

“The Australia Day Council is well positioned for the future and I am looking forward to working with the Council to recognise and profile the outstanding achievements of people dedicated to the service of our great State.”

“I encourage people to get involved and support the Australia Day Council of Western Australia.” Mr. Castrilli said.


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