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Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

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Recreational Marina Planned For Rous Head Harbour At Fremantle

Victor P Taffa

The Proposed Rous Head Harbour Marina at Fremantle is likely to include more than 100 Boat Pens and will also feature Cafes, Offices and Tourism Facilities.

Premier Colin Barnett today announced expressions of interest had been invited from the private sector for development proposals to create a vibrant new mixed-use marina.

“The provision of additional Boat Pens in this area was an Election Commitment of this Government to help meet the needs of Recreational Boat Users.” Premier Barnett said.

“Demand for Boat Pens in the Metropolitan Area is strong and continues to grow the Rous Head Marina is an outstanding opportunity to create an attractive, well-located development to help meet this need.”


“The Marina Plans are still very much at the conceptual stage, with some preliminary work done by Fremantle Ports and the Department of Transport on the kind of mixed-use facility that could be developed in this location.” Premier Barnett said.

Onshore boat stacking facilities, a ferry terminal and commercial space for charter vessels will be considered in the development.

“Ensuring the proposed marina is compatible with Fremantle’s working port is essential and will be a key consideration in assessing proposals.” the Premier said.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said prospective developers would be encouraged to prepare their own innovative designs to balance the interests of Fremantle Ports, the State and the community.

Public access to North Mole and Rous Head Harbour would also be improved by a new road around land newly reclaimed as part of the Inner Harbour deepening.

Mr. O’Brien said Planning, Cultural Heritage and Environmental Approvals would be obtained for the Marina Project.

“Given the number of issues to be taken into account, community consultation will be important in progressing to the more detailed Planning Stage.” Mr. O’ Brien said.

A call for Expressions of Interest will close on February 11, 2011.

Short-listed proponents will then detail their proposals for the development and operation of the marina and related facilities on a long-term lease basis.

WA Minister for Transport Simon O'Brien

WA Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien


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