Foxes Now Declared A Pest And Not A Pet

Foxes Now Declared A Pest And Not A Pet

New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson


Victor P Taffa

Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, has announced that a pest control order for foxes has been introduced for the first time in New South Wales (NSW).

“The Local Land Services (European Red Fox) Pest Control Order 2014 will be gazetted, meaning foxes are now a declared pest species in this State.” Ms. Hodgkinson said.

“The introduction of the pest control order brings NSW into line with all other States in Australia in ensuring that foxes must be controlled by landholders on their properties.”



“Importantly, the pest control order will allow for additional options for coordinated control, meaning Local Land Services can more effectively target foxes in localised campaigns.” Ms. Hodgkinson said.

“It also means no newly acquired foxes will be allowed to be kept in captivity, and those people that currently keep foxes in captivity will be required to apply for a permit from Local Land Services.”

“Foxes are not companioning animals – this pest control order sends the clear message that they are pests, not pets.”

Ms. Hodgkinson said the draft pest control order was released for public comment in October, with 1,785 submissions received, the majority of which were in favour.

“All issues raised in the submissions were carefully considered before a final decision was reached.” Ms. Hodgkinson said.

“It is clear that this pest control order will benefit landholders and the wider community by improving the coordinated control of this invasive predator.”

“With the total annual cost of foxes to Australia’s environment and economy estimated to be $227.5 Million, the pest control order will assist in the coordination of successful community-wide fox control programs.”

“Foxes cause extensive damage for livestock producers, with studies showing lamb losses to fox predation can be as high as 30 %.” Ms. Hodgkinson said.