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Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 18 May 2019

Morrison/McCormack Government Secures Majority In Parliament

Victor P Taffa

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been defeated in his seat of Warringah that has not been in vein.

People who pumped millions of dollars into the seat of Warringah to defeat Tony Abbott expecting that Labor was going to win the election with their economically destructive policies have been left with egg on their faces.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack have secured a majority in the House of Representatives leaving the new Independent Member for Warringah with no serious power to wield.

Makeup Of The House Of Representatives:

Size of the House of Representatives has increased from 150 seats to 151 seats with the Australian Capital Territory gaining 1 new seat. South Australia lost a seat due to population changes.

76 seats are required for a party to form Majority Government.

Australian Electoral Commission has not formally declared results as Pre-Poll and Postal votes are still being counted.

Seats likely to be won by Greens, Centre Alliance, Katter’s Australian Party and Independents are as follows:

Greens Party

  • Melbourne

Centre Alliance Party

  • Mayo

Katter’s Australian Party

  • Kennedy


Denison was renamed as the seat of Clark.

  • Clark,
  • Indi,
  • Warringah.

Seats currently close are as follows:

  • Bass,
  • Macquarie.

Makeup of the House of Representatives according to the Australian Electoral Commission are as follows:


Liberal National Party of Queensland2123
National Party1010
Coalition Total7678
Australian Labor Party6967
The Greens11
Nick Xenophon Team10
Centre Alliance01
Katter’s Australian Party11
Total Number Of Members150151


Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack








Explanatory Note:

Coalition refers to a coalition of the Liberal and National Parties. However, in Queensland the Liberal and National Parties merged and are known as the Liberal National Party.

Nick Xenophon Team has changed its name to Centre Alliance.

State/Territory House Of Representatives Seat Make Up

House of Representatives seats from each State and Territory are as follows:

New South Wales4747
Western Australia1616
South Australia1110
Australian Capital Territory23
Northern Territory22
Total Seats150151



LIB                 Liberal Party

LNP                Liberal National Party of Queensland

NAT                National Party

ALP                Australian Labor Party

GRN               Greens Party

KAP                Katter’s Australian Party

NXT                Nick Xenophon Team

CEN                Centre Alliance

IND                 Independent


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