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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson

McKim Supports Forestry Funding Over Education

Victor P Taffa

Nick McKim has supported the State Budget which means despite his spin and ‘imaginings’ he has supported $110 Million flowing to Forestry Tasmania, instead of essential services such as his own education portfolio, according to Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson.

“Mr. McKim must explain why he believes Forestry Tasmania deserves these millions instead of it benefiting Tasmanian schools and students. Sadly, there’s nothing imaginary about his appalling choice of priorities.” Mr. Ferguson said.

“It is shameful that the Minister is prepared to put $110 Million into his ideological obsession with shutting down forestry, instead of into essential frontline services such as education particularly when he is the Minister.”

“In contrast, in our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth we don’t support spending $110 million to shut Forestry Tasmania down, and we invest an extra $40 Million in education through our Education Investment Fund.”Mr. Ferguson said.


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