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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Rudd Hangs Giddings Out To Dry On Forestry: Time To Tear Up The Disastrous Forestry Deal

Victor P Taffa

Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s decision yesterday to abandon the disastrous forestry deal shows that the Prime Minister has worked out that Labor Premier Lara Giddings and the Labor-Green experiment is toxic to his re-election chances, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said.

“It’s clear that Kevin Rudd and Federal Labor Member for Franklin Julie Collins have hung the Premier out to dry, leaving her to take all the blame for a toxic, job destroying forestry deal that will long be remembered as Lara Giddings’ legacy.”

“Kevin Rudd’s humiliating about-face on the disastrous forestry deal confirms that linking funding to shutting down forestry was nothing more than an attempt to blackmail the people of Tasmania.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Given that the deal hasn’t delivered peace, can’t deliver the required wood supply and isn’t tied to funding, the Premier has no choice but to tear up this deal.” Mr. Hodgman said.


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