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South Australia Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas

Rann’s Costing Complaint Dismissed By Independent Umpire

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Premier Mike Rann’s desperate complaints to the Electoral Commissioner about the State Liberals’ RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital) costings have been dismissed outright by the independent umpire.

South Australia Electoral Commissioner Kaye Mousley yesterday comprehensively dismissed Labor State Secretary Michael Brown’s complaint regarding the State Liberals’ advertised plan for the rebuild of the RAH.

“…I am not satisfied that the [costings] advertisement is inaccurate and misleading to a material extent for the purposes of the Act”

(Letter to Michael Brown, 5-Mar-2010)

“Mr. Brown had complained to the Electoral Commission that the claim by the Labor Party it could rebuild the RAH on its present site for around $700 Million was “inaccurate and misleading to a material extent.” Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today.


“The Labor Party had argued there had been a breach of the Electoral Act and that public servants had concluded that $700 million was “not consistent with a reasonable analysis.”

“In an embarrassing rebuff to Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley, the independent Electoral Commissioner has dismissed outright the claims made by Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley.”

“Having failed so spectacularly, Mr Rann should finally put an end to his smear campaign and stop misleading South Australians on the State Liberals’ RAH costings.” Mr. Lucas said.

“It’s quite obvious that Mr. Rann and the Labor Party are completely void of fresh ideas and vision for South Australia and have resorted to grubby and desperate attacks.”

“It is stunts like these which have led to most South Australians saying they trust Isobel Redmond more than they trust Mike Rann.”

“To quote a popular television advertisement: “Trust! Who can yah?”

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