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South Australia Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas

Rann/Foley Arrogance Shhh, Secret $24,000 Pay Rise To Labor Staffer

Victor P Taffa

Documents released under Freedom of Information revealed Premier Rann and Treasurer Foley had agreed secretly in the weeks leading up to the election to a massive $24,000 pay rise to a Ministerial staffer in Mr. Foley’s office.

“These documents reveal that Daniel Romeo, a 28 year-old Ministerial Adviser to Mr. Foley, was in January this year given a $24,035 pay rise – or an increase of 26.4 %.” Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today.

“Mr. Romeo was also back-paid to 1 October 2009.”

“Mr. Romeo’s previous salary package with Mr. Foley was $90,965 and it has now exploded to $115,000.” Mr. Lucas said.

“It also means if Mr. Romeo loses his job after the State Election he will get 16 weeks’ severance pay at the much higher salary of $115,000.”


“This is an outrageous act by Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley and another example of the appalling arrogance of the Labor Party.

“This is yet another example of wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money by Mr. Rann and his arrogant Labor Government.” Mr. Lucas said.

“Teachers, nurses and public servants who fought for years for much more modest pay increases will be outraged when they learn of Mr. Rann’s and Mr. Foley’s decision.”

“It shows how out of touch both Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley are after eight long years in Government.”

“Information provided to the Liberal Party from other Rann Government Ministerial Advisers indicates there is fury within their ranks at the favoured treatment given to Mr. Romeo.” Mr. Lucas said.

“They argue accurately that Mr. Romeo’s job has in reality not changed at all and he has exactly the same responsibilities as many of those who haven’t received a massive $24,035 pay rise.”

“The Liberal Party has been informed by other Ministerial Advisers that Mr. Romeo had told Mr. Foley he was going to leave Mr. Foley’s office for a job in another Minister’s office.”

“Mr. Foley then told Mr. Romeo that he would arrange this massive backdated pay rise to keep him in his office.”

“Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley must now come clean and indicate whether any other “Spin Doctors” and Labor staffers have been given massive secret pay rises.”

“A similar FOI application lodged with Mr. Rann at the same time in January has still not been answered by the Premier.” Mr. Lucas said.

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