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Northern Territory Minister for Womens Policy Alison Anderson

Women’s Policy Area To Be Strengthened

Victor P Taffa

The Office of Women’s Policy should be strengthened and its role may, in due course, be expanded, the Minister for Women’s Policy Alison Anderson said today.

“We are restructuring this important area of my responsibility to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.” the minister said.

“Before changing the direction of Women’s Policy in the Northern Territory we need to consult carefully and widely.”

“This crucial policy area is going to be given a more practical focus under the Mills government.”Ms. Anderson said.

“As Deputy Chief Minister Lambley said the other day:

“The Office of Women’s Policy has an important role in ensuring that women continue to contribute and benefit from exciting future developments in the Territory.”

“I could not agree more and I would draw your attention to the remarkable achievement of many of my colleagues Bess Price, Lia Finocchiaro and Larissa Lee. They have all taken up the challenge of being leaders in the Northern Territory.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that such strong and courageous women are going to have significant input as we consult on the future role of women’s policy in the Territory.” Ms. Anderson said.


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