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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Flood Volunteers Encouraged To Register To Help

Victor P Taffa

Generous Victorians wanting to volunteer their skills to help flood-affected communities are being urged to register at Victoria’s Volunteering Portal.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan today thanked Victorians for their outpouring of support and said volunteers interested in helping would be called on in the weeks and months to come.

“Emergency response efforts are currently underway so in the first instance it is important to stay clear of flood-affected areas so that emergency services personnel can assess the damage and decide on the best course of relief action.” Mr. Ryan said.


“The clean-up and recovery efforts for the floods will be a long and complex process, and those who register to volunteer can help in the near future, starting with essential clean-up and then later for professional and trade-related activities.”

“I’d encourage people wanting to find out about volunteering and those wanting to help to register at Victoria’s Volunteering Portal.”

“Based on feedback following last year’s floods, the Emergency Volunteer Register at Victoria’s Volunteering Portal has been upgraded to improve its effectiveness as the one-stop shop for all potential volunteers and an important resource for local councils in the event of an emergency.”

Mr. Ryan encouraged members of the public who wished to help in emergency recovery efforts to register their details on the Emergency Volunteer Register in the first instance, rather than contact local councils or travel straight to affected areas.

“Potential volunteers should follow the links on the portal to ‘Volunteering in an Emergency’ and register their interests and skills.” Mr. Ryan said.

“As local councils in affected areas identify their particular needs, they will get in touch with registered volunteers as required.”

“I urge volunteers to be patient as there will be some initial delays as local councils and agencies manage the immediate safety and well-being issues in communities.”

Mr. Ryan also encouraged councils to direct potential volunteers to the register so that they can then find suitable volunteers as required.

“The Emergency Volunteer Register has been designed to support local government processes for responding to spontaneous volunteer interest and to help reduce the number of well intentioned, spontaneous volunteers coming to areas affected by an emergency, which could add to the pressure on local councils.” Mr. Ryan said.

Anyone in flood-affected areas needing support can contact the Victorian Government Flood and Storm Information Line on 1300 842 737. This includes requests for assistance from SES or referral to information about financial assistance, emergency shelter and other available support.


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