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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Will Weatherill Sell Our Forests And Lotteries Commission And Still Lose AAA?

Victor P Taffa

Premier Weatherill needs to explain if South Australia is going to lose its AAA credit rating after selling the forests and Lotteries Commission.

Speaking at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia at the InterContinental Adelaide lunch today, Premier Weatherill’s prepared speech states:

“It’s more likely than not that we will be faced with a choice between retaining our triple A credit rating or investing in our future.”



The speech continued:

“I am prepared to face some short term public criticism….”

Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans says it’s clear the Premier is laying the ground work for South Australia to lose its AAA credit rating.

“Premier Weatherill supports selling our forests. Premier Weatherill supports selling our Lotteries Commission. Premier Weatherill has delivered the highest taxes in the nation to South Australians.” Mr. Evans said.

“Former Treasurer Foley commented that he hoped Mr. Foley and Mr. Rann would not have their ‘legacy diminished in any way by those who may succeed us’  Mr. Foley clearly expected Premier Weatherill to threaten the AAA credit rating. 1

“Premier Weatherill needs to explain if, after selling our forests and the Lotteries Commission and receiving all the revenue from being the highest taxing State in Australia, SA is still going to lose its AAA credit rating.” Mr. Evans said.

1 The Weekend Australian, “Kevin Foley’s political legacy as colourful as his language”, 11/09/2011


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