Floating Of The Hull Takes Place For New Bass Strait Freight Vessel

Floating Of The Hull Takes Place For New Bass Strait Freight Vessel

Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

SeaRoad’s New Ship To Sail On Bass Strait

Victor P Taffa

The floating of the hull of SeaRoad’s new Bass Strait freight vessel in Germany today is a milestone event for Tasmania’s freight industry, Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said.

The new ship will be launched in Flensburg, Germany today at 11.30 am-12 pm Central European Summer Time, or 7.30-8 pm local time.

The vessel will see a 50 % uplift in SeaRoad’s container capacity on the Bass Strait service and a 15 % increase on Bass Strait container capacity overall.

“This is a substantial and significant increase in capacity and an investment that demonstrates confidence in the Government’s plans and strategies around exports and fresh food and produce.” Mr. Hidding said.

“All Tasmanians can be proud that a Tasmanian-grown company is making this $100 Million investment in Bass Strait shipping.”

“This is another demonstration of the growing confidence in Tasmania’s economy underpinned by strong majority Government.” Mr. Hidding said.

The recently launched Tasmanian Integrated Freight Strategy highlighted the significance of Bass Strait as the State’s key freight link with Australia and the world.

SeaRoad’s new vessel will provide more options for producers and will allow for increased security and certainty in supply chain management.

“After some months of fit-out it is anticipated that the vessel will arrive in Tasmanian waters in December this year and will likely be operating by the end of the calendar year or early in the new year.” Mr. Hidding said.