Flashing School Zone Signs Program Expanded

Flashing School Zone Signs Program Expanded

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

State Government Accelerates Electronic Speed Zones Program

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said today the State Government would accelerate the installation of Electronic Speed Zones (ESZ) servicing Metropolitan Schools by more than doubling the number currently in existence.

Mr. O’Brien said since the start of 2009, 16 schools had Electronic Speed Zone Signs installed.

“The Government will add a further 25 Schools to this list with Electronic 40km/h School Zone Signs installed in the first half of 2011.” the Minister said.

The following Schools will have the Electronic Signs installed and fully operational by the beginning of Term 1, 2011:

  • Wembley Primary (Grantham Street, Wembley);
  • Forrestfield Primary (Hawtin Road, Forrestfield);
  • Gosnells Primary (Hicks Street, Gosnells);
  • Willetton Senior High School/Burrendah Primary School (Pinetree Gully Road, Willetton);
  • Campbell Primary School (Campbell Road, Canning Vale);
  • Canning Vale Primary School (Eucalyptus Boulevard, Canning Vale);
  • Creaney Primary School and Creaney Education Support School (Kingsley Drive, Kingsley);
  • Kingsway College (and Primary) (Kingsway, Darch);
  • St. Brigids Primary School (Lesmurdie Road, Lesmurdie);
  • Melville Primary School (Marmion Street, Melville).

Plans for a further 15 school sites are being finalised and the signs will be installed progressively in the first half of 2011.

Mr. O’Brien said the estimated cost to install each individual ESZ sign was about $40,000.

“Electronic School Zone Signs make it clearly apparent to a driver when they are entering a school zone and must drive at 40km/h.” the Minister said.

“It is my intention to expand the Program further as funding becomes available.” Mr. O’Brien said.