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Western Australia Minister for Child Protection Robyn McSweeney

Minister Opens New Department For Child Protection Office In Fitzroy Crossing

Victor P Taffa

With a strong commitment to improving outcomes for families and children, Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney today officially opened the new Department for Child Protection’s Fitzroy Crossing office.

While the office has been operational since late 2010, today marked the official dedication of the site.

“This new office signals a commitment to improving the lives of the many families and children that live in Fitzroy Crossing and having available the supports to keep the community strong.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“Nine staff will operate from the new office where they already have strong ties to local families through long running and newly introduced programs that are so important to combat the disadvantages this remote community encounters from time to time.”

“The old office had been operational in Fitzroy Crossing for many years and the new building is a vast improvement for both staff and local families interacting with the Department for Child Protection.”

“Today we take an important step towards the continued safety and wellbeing of children in the region, from the children in Fitzroy Crossing, through to indigenous children in remote communities they will all benefit positively.”

Located in the eastern corridor of the West Kimberley district, the Fitzroy Crossing office caters to the entire Fitzroy Valley, including surrounding remote communities with the new office equipped with the appropriate facilities to cater for the expansion of the department’s service including state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities.

“This office will see staff working alongside parents to build their capacity in managing the difficult role of parenthood with departmental staff working collaboratively with other Government and non-government agencies in the provision of crisis services like the ones offered during the recent flooding across the district.” the Minister said.

Mrs. McSweeney also thanked young people from the Fitzroy Crossing District High School who put on a unique dance performance to mark the special occasion.


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