First Queensland Rail, Second Albion Park, What Is Left In Queensland?

First Queensland Rail, Second Albion Park, What Is Left In Queensland?

Queensland Shadow Minister for Tourism & Racing Ray Stevens

Albion Park ‘Scratched’ In Ego-Fuelled Bentley Plan

Victor P Taffa

Queensland Racing Chairman Bob Bentley was set to scratch Albion Park one of the icons of Queensland racing, the LNP said today.

Queensland Shadow Minister for Racing Ray Stevens said while the uncertainty and torment for many industry participants as to Bentley’s plans was over, today’s Industry Infrastructure Plan raised more questions than it answered.

Albion Park Raceway, nicknamed ‘The Creek’ during its heyday as host to exciting sandtrack thoroughbred racing, will be sold to partially fund Bentley’s ‘grand plans’ forcing the harness and greyhound industries out of their Metropolitan Headquarters.



“Albion Park has a unique and treasured place in Queensland and Australian Racing and Bentley’s proposal will hit all sorts of people pretty hard, not just Racing People.” Mr. Stevens said.

“This huge Spending Program needs close scrutiny and it will definitely get it.”

“Participants in all three racing codes have been deprived of an adequate consultation process by Bentley and his board and don’t seem to be getting anywhere with their concerns prize money is a classic example.” Mr. Stevens said.

“There’s over $200 Million of Capital Spending here. Where’s the money coming from, and where’s Minister Lawlor …at his best he seems like Bob’s hand puppet, but he’s been put back in the cupboard.”

“Why hasn’t Bentley provided an up-to-date evaluation for the Albion Park site? The way he’s treated the greyhound people by committing to a stand-alone complex at Logan and then scrapping it shows his total lack of regard for industry people …they just get in the way of his ego-fuelled vision.”

“This industry means a lot to Queensland and its stakeholders deserve much better than a runaway Bentley and a mute Minister.” Mr. Stevens said.