First LNG Shipment To Japan Departs Queensland

First LNG Shipment To Japan Departs Queensland

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt

$60 Billion Industry Passes Another Milestone

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Curtis Pitt welcomed the latest news from the state’s $60 Billion Liquefied Natural Gas industry (LNG), with APLNG (Australia Pacific LNG) having successfully farewelled its first shipment to a major Japanese customer.

The LNG FUKUROKUJU departed Curtis Island at 3 pm yesterday.

“This is the 27th shipment from APLNG and the first to Kansai Electric, a major electricity generator.” Treasurer Pitt said.

“APLNG’s first shipment was in January, rounding out a trio of LNG ships leaving Queensland after Santos’ GLNG and QCLNG sending off their first shipments in 2015.”


“This yet another milestone for the first coal seam gas to LNG project in the world an industry that represents more than $60 Billion worth of investment, 22 Million tonnes of LNG exports each year and export contracts with China, Japan and Korea.” Treasurer Pitt said.

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher said it was welcome news.

“While the construction phase of the industry was winding down, LNG production is ramping up in our region.” Mr. Butcher said.

“In fact it will drive the value of Queensland exports to almost $100 Billion by the end of the decade.”

Treasurer Pitt said the rebound in Gross State Product growth highlighted in the 2016-17 Budget was underpinned by a surge in overseas exports, as liquefied natural gas (LNG) production ramps up it will become our second largest export worth up to $17 Billion from 2018-19.

“By 2018, Queensland could be the world’s fourth largest LNG exporter and, by the end of the decade, Australia has the potential to be the world’s leading LNG exporter.” Treasurer Pitt said.

The Treasurer said growth in the sector would continue, with QGC’s $1.7 Billion Charlie CSG project near Wandoan announced late last year.