First ICAC Bill Passes Northern Territory Parliament

First ICAC Bill Passes Northern Territory Parliament

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

ICAC Bill Passes Parliament

Victor P Taffa

Territory Government has delivered on a key election commitment with Parliament passing legislation to establish a strong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said Territorians deserve a government system they can trust and this ICAC will deliver that.

“We are rebuilding that trust as promised with a strong an independent ICAC, powerful enough to investigate corruption at any level.”

Attorney-General Fyles thanked Territorians for their input in delivering the strongest possible ICAC.

“We took the unusual step of releasing an ICAC exposure Bill for public consultation before introducing legislation to Parliament to ensure Territorians had their say we.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“We’ve listened to feedback and we’ve taken action to deliver the strongest possible ICAC to Parliament.”

“Legislation has also gone before the new Social Policy Scrutiny Committee and further changes have been made with parliament accepting 11 of the 14 recommendations.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

Government rejected 3 recommendations around:

  • Reducing the level of scrutiny for Politicians and their unsatisfactory conduct;
  • Implementing an unworkable change to the appointment process that would delay the appointment of the Commissioner;
  • Changing the definition in clause 12(1) (a) (i) that would reduce ICAC’s power to look at illegalities.

Attorney-General Fyles said work will now begin to establish the ICAC.

Expressions of Interest are being sought for a suitably qualified commissioner and it’s expected the office will be operational by mid 2018.

A second ICAC Bill to modernise and strengthen punishments for corruption is expected to pass Parliament in February.