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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom

Greens’ Shut-Down Forestry – Now Tourism In Their Sights

Victor P Taffa

The Greens’ anti-everything agenda is on display again and this time it’s a major tourism development in their sights, according to Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom.

“Despite previously supporting the Three Capes Track development, in The Examiner today Tim Morris claims that tourism should be a secondary issue and reiterates the Greens’ view that our national parks should be locked up with no regard for the potential tourism opportunities they offer.”

“This only adds to the farcical claims the Greens have made about the tourism benefits of locking up more forests as a result of the IGA.” Mr. Groom said.


“We are already seeing the consequences of the Greens’ anti-everything stance in Tasmania, with blanket bans on development as well as the disastrous forestry deal that is ripping apart regional communities and trashing the economy. Now they want to destroy tourism as well.”

“The Three Capes Track will not only help showcase Tasmania’s world-class national parks, it will also create much-needed jobs and add to our high quality tourism assets.” Mr. Groom said.

“Tasmania needs to seize these opportunities not destroy them for the sake of a warped ideological agenda as the Greens would have us do.”

“But instead of supporting a high quality tourism development that will showcase our natural assets, the Greens appear more focused on turning Tasmania into one giant, inaccessible national park.”

“Only the Liberals have a plan to see Tasmania stand on its own two feet, with a commitment to grow our tourism and forestry industries, instead of destroying them.” Mr. Groom said.


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