First Female Minister For Sport Relishes The Challenges Ahead

First Female Minister For Sport Relishes The Challenges Ahead

Western Australia Minister for Sport and Recreation Mia Davies

New Minister Looking Forward To Tackling Sport

Victor P Taffa

The first State female Minister for Sport and Recreation, Mia Davies has welcomed the opportunity to take on the portfolio of Sport and Recreation.

Ms. Davies said sport and recreation played an important role in building resilient and active communities.







“Sport and recreation is vital in keeping our communities healthy, particularly in regional areas where local sporting clubs are often the centre for social interaction.”

“I am looking forward to working with sporting groups, from grass roots through to the elite, to encourage participation. I have a particular interest in building the profile and role of women in sport across all levels.” Ms. Davies said.

“I grew up in a community and family that participated in sport – much like most people living in country Western Australia.”

“While I am not the elite sports person the previous minister for sport and recreation was, I’m also passionate about the difference that can be made through sport.”

Ms. Davies paid tribute to outgoing minister Terry ‘Tuck’ Waldron, who acquitted the job with great passion and integrity.

“He undoubtedly made an enormous difference to thousands of people, particularly through the groundbreaking KidSport program, which has enabled more than 36,000 individual children to participate, no matter what their financial circumstances.” Ms. Davies said.

“I am excited by the opportunity to support the community through sport and recreation and aim to continue to assist State sporting associations, local sporting clubs and local government in delivering quality facilities and programs that support people to be more active.”

“I look forward to continuing to develop sport and recreation as an integral part of Western Australia.” Ms. Davies said.