First Cars Now Coke Closes The Door On South Australia

First Cars Now Coke Closes The Door On South Australia

South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard

Weatherill Caught Napping As Coke Exits South Australia

Victor P Taffa

State Opposition have expressed anger at the Weatherill Labor Government’s failure to keep Coca-Cola operations in South Australia.

“Coca-Cola’s announcement that they will close their South Australian operations in 2019 and hundreds of workers will lose their job is extremely concerning.” Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard said.

“My thoughts are with Coca-Cola workers and their families at this difficult time.” Mr. Wingard said.

“I am also angry that the Weatherill Labor Government appears to have done absolutely nothing to keep Coca-Cola in SA despite being on notice for at least five years that CocaCola may close their Thebarton factory.”


In a written statement published in March 2011 a Coca-Cola spokesperson said the company had “invested heavily in its Thebarton site but would consider moving in the future.”

“Premier Weatherill has splashed plenty of cash to allegedly attract other businesses to South Australia but he was asleep while Coca-Cola was making plans to walk out of the State.” Mr. Wingard said.

“Why didn’t Premier Weatherill try and save the hundreds of jobs that will be lost when Coca-Cola pack up and leave SA?”

“Coca-Cola’s decision to invest $90 Million in Queensland and walk away from South Australia is a very clear message that they do not see South Australia as the right place to invest.”

“We need to make South Australia a more attractive place to invest otherwise we will see more of what has happened today.” Mr. Wingard said.