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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer

Fire Recruits Abandoned Again

Victor P Taffa

The Green-Labor Government has again abandoned the state’s emergency services, with newly graduated fire recruits having to wait up to two years to be formally hired, according to Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer.

“Only three months ago we saw more than 520 applications were received for trainee and experienced fire-fighters*, now not even the few recruits that made it through the last course can get a job.”

“For these 12 recruits to have undergone the grueling training process only to be told there is no job at the end simply because of Green-Labor financial incompetence is farcical.” Ms. Archer said.

“There is no doubt that many of these recruits will be devastated that they will have to wait for up to two years to join the service and could be forced to leave Tasmania to pursue their career.”

“The Green-Labor Government has its priorities completely backward, and as a result, Tasmanians are suffering.”

“In contrast, the Liberals have made our priorities clear in Government we will put frontline jobs and services first.” Ms. Archer said.

*State Fire Commission Annual Report released late 2011.


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