Fire Danger Season Places Metropolitan Adelaide At Risk

Fire Danger Season Places Metropolitan Adelaide At Risk

South Australia Minister for Emergency Services Chris Picton

Warning To Suburban Residents As Fire Danger Season Begins

Victor P Taffa

If you live on the outskirts of metropolitan Adelaide you may think bushfires won’t affect you.

“Our fire services have already attended many fires across the state. However, as the season has started in the Mount Lofty Ranges, the risk is closer to many of us.” Minister for Emergency Services Chris Picton said.


However, the Fire Danger Season has started in the Mount Lofty and Adelaide Metropolitan Fire Ban Districts, and the state’s fire services have this message for residents complacency kills, Be Bushfire Ready.

“People in Golden Grove have experienced the reality of bushfires coming threateningly close to them during the Sampson Flat fire.” Member for Wright Jennifer Rankine said.

People living in the ‘interface zones’ on the outskirts of metropolitan areas are still at risk. Embers from a bushfire can travel kilometres so it is important for residents in those zones to know what action can be taken, particularly to ‘ember-proof’ homes:

  • Plug up any gaps around your home with steel mesh to stop embers
  • Repair broken or missing tiles on a roof
  • Clear-up dried leaves from gutters and install ember guards
  • Generally tidy up around and maintain home

“Just because you live in an urban setting doesn’t mean bushfires won’t impact you. One thing is for sure, bushfires will happen this summer we just don’t know where.” SA Country Fire Service Chief Officer Greg Nettleton said.

In January 2015 we saw with the Sampson Flat fire just how close to the city bushfires can get, and those in the foothills and urban fringe such as Golden Grove need a written and practised Bushfire Survival Plan just as much as those in country areas.

“Residents in urban areas often expect a fire truck to be at their door, but during a bushfire it’s simply not possible to protect every home individually. Therefore it’s so important for residents to do simple things around their homes to help protect them from bushfire.” SA Metropolitan Fire Service Chief Officer Greg Crossman said.

“Embers from bushfires can get caught in gutters or overhanging trees and start a house fire, that’s why it is so important to do the simple things around your home before a bushfire starts.”


Fire Danger season has now commenced in all fire ban districts, with Adelaide and Mount Lofty regions and Kangaroo Island coming online on 1 December. This means restrictions now apply throughout the state.

We have already seen Total Fire Ban days declared in the Mount Lofty Ranges and several fires throughout the Adelaide Hills.

South Australia Police continue to monitor bushfire risk areas as part of Operation Nomad targeting suspicious activity and known arsonists, during fire danger season.