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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

More Lies, Deceit, Incompetence

Victor P Taffa

The Chief Minister wasted no time finding a scapegoat for the lies he told about Labor’s legal threats to journalists.

Country Liberals leader, Terry Mills said Paul Henderson has denied his staff threatened legal action to have the Ken Vowles assault story pulled. Today he has scapegoated the adviser he says didn’t threaten legal action against the NT News.

“More lies, more deceit, more incompetence the Labor Party are in disarray and a rabble.” Mr. Mills said.

“The person who should be standing down is Paul Henderson but leading from the front and showing courage under pressure has never been his style.”

“Easier to find a scapegoat and hope the problem goes away.” Mr. Mills said.

“Even today’s announcement contains the usual Labor spin and half truths. It’s a fudge on a fudge.”

“The staffer, who is believed to be paid in excess of $200,000 a year, will still be employed by taxpayers and will undoubtedly return to the fold if Labor is elected.”

“The Chief Minister needs to explain:

  • Exactly how much is the adviser paid?
  • Will he have a position in a future Labor Government?
  • What duties will he undertake until August 25th?

“Despite today’s announcement, Territorians will still be paying for Labor lies and deception.”

“A vote for Labor on August 25th is a vote for more of the same lies, trickiness and blame shifting. Only the Country Liberals can deliver change for the better.” Mr. Mills said.


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