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Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

Last Link In Indian Ocean Drive Coastal Road Open

Victor P Taffa

Stage 2 of the Lancelin Cervantes Project, the final section of Indian Ocean Drive, will officially open to traffic later today, some nine months ahead of schedule and under budget.

In commemorating this major road project, Premier Colin Barnett and Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said the new road would not only significantly improve road connectivity along the central-west coastline but also play an important part in the future development of the region.

“The construction of this impressive 56 km High-Standard Road, Linking Lancelin to Cervantes, provides a safer, shorter route for tourists and other light vehicle road users, away from the heavy freight traffic on Brand Highway.” Premier Barnett said.

“The opening of this new road will take 30 minutes off the journey between Lancelin and Cervantes and provides a much safer and more enjoyable Scenic Coastal Route.”

“It will significantly enhance business, tourism and economic opportunities for the central coast region, one of the most popular destinations for West Australians as well as interstate and overseas visitors.” Premier Barnett said.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said the project was the first major road to be built under Main Roads Direct Management for more than 10 years and was a credit to the 150 team members and local subcontractors who worked on the $95 Million State-funded Project.

WA Minister for Transport Simon O'Brien

WA Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

Mr. O’Brien said the Lancelin-Cervantes Stage 2 project comprised a number of other features, which would no doubt open up the surrounding area for future development opportunities.

“20 km of side roads and several connection points; improvement works to 9 Km of Pinnacles Drive; parking bays at prominent tourist locations; a passing lane; and multiple overtaking opportunities to name a few.” the Minister said.

“The project team worked very closely with the Department of Environment and Conservation to ensure thorough considerations were given to managing the environment. This included clearing zones; and the rehabilitation and revegetation of road reserve, including parallel tracks and dieback control strategies.”

“We have been very fortunate from the beginning that the project has received overwhelming community support, with many members of the community just telling us to get on and build it, so we hope they are impressed with the end result.” Mr. O’Brien said.


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