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Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

Final Management Plan Released For Jandakot Regional Park

Victor P Taffa

Environment Minister Donna Faragher today released the final Management Plan for Jandakot Regional Park.

“This is a very important Park of about 2,362 ha of bush and wetland located across the southern suburbs of Perth.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“It has extremely high nature conservation values and provides the local community with a whole range of opportunities to get out and enjoy the natural environment.”

The Minister said the Jandakot Regional Park was made up of a network of sites within a region that was rapidly changing due to urban development.

“The park contains a wide variety of ecosystems including wetlands, heath, low woodland and forest vegetation communities and protects bushland areas with some of the most diverse flora on the Swan Coastal Plain.” Mrs. Faragher said.


“It also plays a critical role in protecting the underlying Jandakot Groundwater Mound, a significant source of drinking water for the Perth Metropolitan Area.”

The Management Plan outlines the overarching approach for the protection and enhancement of the park’s nature conservation, recreation, cultural and landscape values.

“While the Park has some community use, its importance for recreation will increase as urban development occurs in adjacent areas.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“Horse riding is a popular recreation in the park and provisions have been made for this activity to continue in a way that does not threaten the nature conservation value of the Park.”

The lands comprising the park also have cultural significance for Aboriginal people and the region was also important to early European settlers who developed the low lying and swampy lands for market gardens.

Conservation Commission Chair, Pat Barblett, said the final plan provided the way forward for the sustainable and co-operative management of the park between the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), City of Armadale, City of Cockburn, Town of Kwinana and the community.

“The Management Plan establishes a clear vision on the best way to manage and protect Jandakot Regional Park.” Mrs. Barblett said.

Mrs. Barblett said the contributions of organisations and individuals in the development of the plan were important and remained critical to the integrity of the plan and ultimately to the management of the park.

The Minister also thanked the Jandakot Regional Park Community Advisory Committee which provided significant input into the Management Plan.

“The work of its members has shaped the document into a community-based plan and the State Government appreciates the effort and determination of the committee.” Mrs. Faragher said.


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