Final Makeup Of The Parliament Of Victoria 2014

Final Makeup Of The Parliament Of Victoria 2014

Polling Day Saturday 29 November 2014

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victoria State Election 2014: Both Houses Of Parliament Finally Declared

Victor P Taffa

The final makeup of the Parliament of Victoria is as follows following the final declaration of all Legislative Council Region elections and results have now been declared as follows:


                                               Legislative Assembly

                                                             Seats Held

Labor:                                                              47

Liberals:                                                          30

Nationals:                                                        8

Greens:                                                            2

Independents:                                                 1

Total No. Of Seats:                                 88


                                                   Legislative Council

                                                             Seats Held

Labor:                                                              14

Liberals:                                                          14

Nationals:                                                        2

Greens:                                                            5

Shooters and Fishers Party Victoria          2

Sex Party                                                         1

Democratic Labour Party (DLP)                1

Vote 1 Local Jobs                                           1

Total No. Of Seats:                                40


Victoria’s 58th Parliament will be opened on Tuesday 23 December 2014.