Filibuster To Avoid Health Debate

Filibuster To Avoid Health Debate

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

Desperate Green Filibuster To Avoid Local Health Network Vote

Victor P Taffa

This afternoon the Tasmanian Greens desperately and embarrassingly filibuster debate on the repeal of TOTE sale bill which they have rolled over to Labor on in order to avoid a vote on Local Health Networks.

My motion, which the Greens desperately filibustered to avoid, would have required the establishment of three Local Hospital Networks in Tasmania, Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“It is clear from that desperate filibuster that the Greens have also rolled over on Local Health Networks, and are also going to sell out Tasmanians by supporting Ms. Giddings and Ms. O’Byrne’s breaking their promise to have three Local Health Networks in Tasmania.”Mr. Rockliff said.

“It is no wonder that Tasmanians are increasingly saying that the New Greens are but a pale shade of the Old Greens. They will sell out anybody and anything in order to retain the perks of office.”

“Today’s filibuster can only be described as a double cop out from the Greens. A pathetic, weak cop-out from Kim Booth on TOTE and their complete and utter avoidance behaviour in not having to vote on three Local Hospital Networks.” Mr. Rockliff said.