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Australian Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn

Commencement Of Redistribution Of Federal Electoral Boundaries In South Australia

Victor P Taffa

The Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Ed Killesteyn, announced today that a Redistribution of Federal Electoral Boundaries in South Australia had begun.

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 provides that a Redistribution of Federal Electoral Boundaries is to occur when seven years has elapsed since the last redistribution. The last redistribution of Boundaries in South Australia was determined on 17 December 2003.


“A Redistribution is a redrawing of Electoral Boundaries to ensure each state has representation in the House of Representatives in proportion to their populations, and that there are a similar number of Electors in the Federal Electoral Divisions within each State.” Mr. Killesteyn said.

South Australia’s entitlement to 11 seats in the House of Representatives will remain unchanged.

A Redistribution Committee will be appointed to undertake an extensive process of consultation and provide opportunities for individuals and organisations to make suggestions and comments on matters affecting the drawing of the federal electoral boundaries.

Advertisements inviting suggestions and comments about the redistribution will appear in newspapers during April.

The Redistribution Process is expected to be finalised on 16 December 2011.


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