Federal Election 2016 First Preference Count

Federal Election 2016 First Preference Count

Polling Day Saturday 2 July 2016

Australian Electoral Commission

Hung Parliament Possible

Victor P Taffa

Based on figures released by the Australian Electoral Commission the outcome of the 2016 Federal Election is in doubt as either the Liberal/National Party Coalition or Labor Parties are yet able to claim victory in the necessary 76 seats of a 150 seat House of Representatives Chamber in order to form a Government.

Counting of votes for seats in the Senate Chamber has begun and will take some time before a final result is known.

Counting of Absentee, Declaration, Postal and Pre-Poll votes has begun. Contained in the legal writ that was issued by the Governors-General for the Federal Election the last day for receipt of Declaration votes by the Australian Electoral Commission is 6 pm Friday, 15 July 2016.

Given the closeness of the result of the election a final outcome as to who will govern Australia over the next 3 years will take some time.


First Preference Count For House Of Representatives

Party                                                   New                            Old

Liberal                                                    39                                58

Liberal/National                                  18                                22

National                                                9                                  9

Country Liberal                                   0                                  1

Labor                                                    72                                55

Greens                                                  1                                  1

Palmer United Party                           0                                  1

Katter’s Australian Party                    1                                  1

Nick Xenophon Team                         1                                  0

Independent                                        2                                  2

In Doubt                                               7                                  0

Total Seats                                  150                              150

76 Seats required for a majority plus election of a Parliamentary Speaker.


Seats In Doubt

Seat                             State                                    Currently Held By

Barker                         South Australia                       Liberal

Cowper                       New South Wales                   National

Durack                       Western Australia                   Liberal

Grayndler                    New South Wales                   Labor

Grey                            South Australia                       Liberal

Higgins                        Victoria                                   Liberal

O’Connor                    Western Australia                   Liberal