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Nationals Deputy Senate Leader Fiona Nash

Labor Offers Farmers A Horse After Stealing The Tractor

Victor P Taffa

Federal Labor’s new farm assistance package is akin to farmers being offered a horse after the Government took away their tractor, according to Nationals Deputy Senate Leader, Fiona Nash.

“My husband and I run a sheep and cropping property so we haven’t been hurt anywhere near as badly as dairy farmers or cattle growers by this appalling Labor Government, but it has still been bad.” Senator Nash said.

“The high Australian dollar has been a problem but Gillard Labor’s anti-agriculture policies have made life on the land much harder.”

“The Government’s promised low interest loans will be useful to some, although many won’t want to go further into debt, but there are policy changes the government could make to benefit all farmers.”

Senator Nash noted that Labor Agriculture Minister, Senator Joe Ludwig had said he wanted to ‘lighten the load of farmers today and strengthen Australian agriculture for the future.’

“If the Government was serious about lightening the load of farmers, it would ditch the carbon tax which is wreaking havoc on dairy, meat processing and irrigation, because of huge increases in power bills.” Senator Nash said.

“If it was serious about the future of Australian agriculture it would get back to work on the free trade agreement with South Korea, because every year Labor dithers gives US beef exporters an even greater tariff advantage over Australian farmers.”

Senator Nash said Labor simply didn’t understand regional Australia, because all of its Cabinet Ministers were from the city and most were former union bosses.

“After Labor smashed the cattle industry with its snap live export ban, the Prime Minister dismissed this as ‘a temporary disruption’ you can’t get much more out of touch with rural Australians than that.”

“The fact that Treasurer Wayne Swan, who can’t convince banks to pass on RBA rate cuts, is now promising he will make the banks sit down and give farmers a better deal, just shows how hopeless and out of touch this Labor Government is.” Senator Nash said.


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