Fare Evasion Is Not Fair

Fare Evasion Is Not Fair

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Coalition Government Crackdown On Public Transport Fare Evaders

Victor P Taffa

Fare evaders are continuing to rip off their fellow passengers with the latest statistics showing an estimated 13.5 % of passengers are failing to pay their way.

Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said the Coalition Government was taking action to reduce fare evasion and increase investment in the public transport system.

“Fare evasion costs the transport network some $80 Million a year, which is money that would be reinvested into the system; so those who fail to pay their way are ripping off all public transport users.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Labor had a softly, softly approach to fare enforcement, but the Coalition Government is taking action to reverse this trend.”

“The Coalition Government is working to hard address this because every dollar lost through fare evasion is a dollar that could be spent upgrading the network, buying new trains and trams and improving services,” Mr Mulder said.

The Metropolitan Fare Evasion Survey from May 2011 indicated too many passengers were continuing to dodge the system and deprive it of much needed funds.

These latest statistics show an estimated 9.8 % of train passengers evade fares, while on trams that figure is 20.3 %. Fare evasion on buses is estimated at 9.2 %.

Mr. Mulder said the next phase of Metlink’s fare evasion campaign would begin this month to warn public transport users that there would be more tickets checked more often and more fines issued.

“We need to get tough with fare evaders because we need every cent available to go into improvements across the network for the benefit of all passengers.” Mr. Mulder said.

The latest fare evasion results are based on surveys conducted by Metlink in May this year.

The fare evasion figures include passengers travelling without a ticket, non-validated tickets, concession tickets without entitlement, expired tickets or tickets for an incorrect zone.