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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Large Drop In Fare Evasion On Melbourne’s Trains And Trams

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder today welcomed the results of an audited Public Transport Victoria survey that showed fare evasion significantly dropped in October 2012 on Melbourne’s trams to 10.5 %, the lowest since early 2008 and on Melbourne’s trains to 8.8 %, down from 11.7 % in May 2012.

“I am particularly pleased that the rate of fare cheating on Melbourne’s trams has decreased from 20.3 % in May 2011 to 10.5 % in October 2012.” Mr. Mulder said.

“From August 2010 until its defeat in November 2010, the previous Labor Government gave passengers the message that it was acceptable to travel without a ticket on Melbourne’s trams.”

Mr. Mulder said that in the initial survey conducted in 2005, fare evasion on Melbourne’s trains was 13.5 % while trams suffered a 19.4 % rate.

“In contrast, the Victorian Coalition Government has consistently emphasised the need for passengers to buy a ticket or face a $207 adult fine.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Travelling without a ticket is no different to driving off from a petrol station without paying for fuel. It is theft, pure and simple. Fare evasion costs $80 Million a year that could otherwise be used to improve the frequency of Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses or improve facilities at stations and stops.”

“In the October 2012 survey, overall Melbourne fare evasion was 9.4 % which compares with 11.9 % a year ago and 13.5 % in May 2012. It is pleasing that during the four surveys conducted since the Coalition Government was elected, overall fare evasion has shown a continuing, unbroken downwards trend.” Mr. Mulder said.

“The only mode to show an increase in fare evasion was Melbourne’s buses where it rose from 7.6 % in October 2011 to 9.1 % in October 2012, but the current rate remains below May 2011’s 9.2 % for buses.”

Mr. Mulder said that the survey of 10,000 train, tram and bus users occurred twice yearly.

“Public Transport Victoria ensures that an auditor randomly checks survey staffs’ work. A total of 10,000 passengers are checked to see if they have a valid ticket and concession entitlement. The message is simple. Passengers must have a valid myki, Metcard, V/Line ticket or approved free pass to travel.” Mr. Mulder said.


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