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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Coalition Government’s Fare Evasion Strategy Working

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Auditor-General’s report into fare evasion on public transport highlights the action that the Coalition Government has taken to put a stop to the previous Labor Government’s soft approach to fare cheats on public transport, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today.

Mr. Mulder warned fare evaders that the Coalition Government was continuing to work with Victoria’s rail, tram and bus operators to further reduce fare evasion, which costs Victorians about $80 Million p.a.

“The Auditor General’s finding that fare evasion increased from 2009 under Labor is a shocking indictment on the former Labor Government’s lax approach to collecting fares on Victoria’s public transport.” Mr. Mulder said.


“Labor was embarrassed about its myki rollout fiasco and the appalling performance of Melbourne’s trains under its government, so Labor deliberately went ‘soft’ on fare evaders.”

“Most travellers pay their way. The minority who fail to pay a fare or the correct fare are stealing.”

“Public Transport Victoria is developing further measures to tackle fare evasion, including joint operations between individual public transport operators and authorised officers at busy interchanges and key fare evasion hotspots, installing additional myki validators, making announcements at railway stations and on board trams and ensuring that plain clothes as well as uniformed officers continue to check tickets.”

Mr. Mulder said that new figures from the Department of Transport (DOT) showed just how serious the Coalition Government was in combating fare evasion.

“For close to eight months in 2012 until 28 August, DOT has issued 140,441 infringement notices to public transport users compared with 142,602 for the whole of 2010 in which Labor held office for 11 months and 167,679 for the whole of 2011.”

“In 2012 to 28 August, Metro passengers have received 111,215 infringement notices. This compares to only 94,848 for the whole of 2010 and 126,974 for the whole of 2011. Metro is on track to issue an increased number of reports of non-compliance which are then forwarded to DOT for assessment.”

“Metro’s increased enforcement is particularly pleasing because cracking down on bad behaviour on trains, including travelling without a valid ticket, is a major step to making our public transport safer. The ongoing Coalition Government introduction of further Victoria Police Protective Services Officers will reinforce to hooligans and fare cheats how the Coalition Government is serious about cleaning up our trains and railway stations.”

“To 28 August in 2012, Yarra Trams’ passengers have been issued with 25,683 infringements compared with 35,287 in the whole of 2011 and 44,607 in the whole of 2010. V/Line and metropolitan bus passengers have received 2,048 and 1,495 infringements respectively for the same 2012 to 28 August compared with 3,065 and 2,353 respectively for the whole of 2011 and 907 and 2,240 for the 2010 calendar year.” Mr. Mulder said.


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