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Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

New Wetland For Perth’s South-Eastern Suburbs

Victor P Taffa

A new wetland will be created in Perth’s South-Eastern suburbs as part of a $1.15 Million project to reduce nutrient pollution entering the Canning River.

Environment Minister Donna Faragher said the new wetland would rehabilitate the degraded Anvil Way drainage basin in Welshpool.

“The basin is part of a drain catchment area that has been identified as one of the highest contributors of nutrients to the Canning River.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“Water that is high in nutrients can lead to algal blooms and fish deaths and the redevelopment of this area will reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and other contaminants entering the river.”

“This project will include the planting of 48,000 native plants and will improve the look of the site in a built-up industrial and commercial area of Welshpool.”


Work at the 2.2 acre site will include the removal of contaminated sediment; the re-contouring of the existing basin; excavation work to create a low-flow living stream; and the construction of hydraulic control features to slow and treat low flows.

“Importantly, the ecological value of the degraded drainage basin will be restored, encouraging wildlife back to the area and providing a refuge for birds and other wildlife.” the Minister said.

The project is part of a collaborative agreement between the Swan River Trust (SRT), the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) and the City of Canning.

The City of Canning will undertake the construction works, while SERCUL will co-ordinate the revegetation activities.

The construction project and most of the revegetation is expected to be completed by December 2010.

A large part of the State Government’s funding for the project has been through the Swan Canning Water Quality Improvement Plan, which was allocated $3.19 Million in December 2009.

“Government funding for the Swan and Canning rivers is making a significant difference to improving the health of the waterways.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“We have also announced the application of a WA-developed nutrient magnet that blocks damaging algal blooms in the Canning River and a $3 Million project to install an underground barrier to stop contaminated groundwater entering the Helena River at Bellevue.”

City of Canning Mayor Delle Donne said: “The City of Canning is pleased to be involved in these environmental projects in partnership with the State Government, through the Swan River Trust, and our local environmental group SERCUL.”

“This is the fourth wetlands project we have been involved with and we are already seeing the benefits through the improved health of our precious Canning River.”


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