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Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

Minister Welcomes Conservation Funding

Victor P Taffa

Grass roots environment campaigns throughout the State will benefit from more than $625,000 in funding through the latest round of the Liberal-National Government’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) program.

Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher said more than $410,000 had been allocated to community groups and local governments for six flora conservation projects, while almost $215,000 had been allocated for seven weed eradication or control projects.

Mrs. Faragher said the $30 Million NRM program was another successful part of the State Government’s broader environmental strategy as it helped protect and improve WA’s natural environment and promote biodiversity conservation.

“These targeted, intensive projects will produce long-term results for the benefit of biodiversity conservation in the State.” the Minister said.


“Weeds pose a major threat to biodiversity because they compete with native plants for water, nutrients and space; alter habitats; displace food sources for native grazers; and suppress germination of native seedlings.”

“The protection of native plants is a major priority in WA, as many species are at risk from invasion by introduced weeds, overgrazing, salinity and diseases such as dieback.”

The funded flora conservation and weed control programs are:

  • $145,000 to the Shire of Chapman Valley for revegetation and fencing of remnant vegetation linkages;
  • $140,000 for the protection and recovery of high priority biodiversity assets, in particular Wandoo woodlands in the South Coast region;
  • $50,000 to the Shire of Collie to undertake bushland condition mapping to identify priority reserves and develop and implement weed and dieback management plans;
  • $45,000 for fencing of priority remnants and protection of ecological linkages in the Cape to Cape catchment;
  • $17,570 for 8.8 km of fencing to protect 90ha of remnant vegetation in Albany as part of the Geekabee Hill ecolink project;
  • $14,000 for the protection of priority flora species in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale;
  • $84,600 for fighting bridal creeper in the Upper Blackwood catchment;
  • $49,500 for environmental weed control in and surrounding the Porongurups;
  • $25,000 for the removal of two hectares of invasive weeds in the Blackadder sub catchment;
  • $19,500 for weed eradication on Faure Island wildlife sanctuary in Shark Bay;
  • $16,500 to the Shire of Murray for weed control and access control in priority local government reserves;
  • $10,500 for the control of bridal creeper and woody weeds in Lake Needonga;
  • $9,000 for weed control efforts at Lake Gladstone in the Kimberley.

Mrs. Faragher said the community-based projects complemented the broader conservation work being carried out by DEC and the Department of Agriculture and Food.

“The important projects that will be delivered on the ground as part of this funding program ties in with the State Government’s strategy to address weeds and threats to flora in WA, and also promote vital community involvement in achieving our conservation goals.” the Minister said.


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